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Greetings from Singapore.


In conjunction of your service and ministry to me in this past 1 year. I would like to express my gratitude towards what Prayer Academy has done for me.


I first chance upon this website when I could not sleep one night. At that time, I was interested in knowing the power of Jesus blood, His protection and how to appropriate His blood through prayer in my life. There, I found Prayer Academy website. In it, I learnt to use the prayer stated there, read about the testimonies on how people were protected through His blood and also lives were saved from declaring the power of Christ blood.


I was convinced and touch by the testimonies and prayer points. When I appropriate the prayers points in my prayer, I experienced protection in my sleep, through man's unwise speech, loss of items and protection over my father's health, my marriage and my children's safety. Glory to God for His blood.


2nd, I read via Prayer Academy e-mail on dream and began to realize that bad dreams are not from God. And I began to rebuke bad dreams and renounce torment of the dreams. I had experienced examination dreams, emotionally harassment's dream and physical attraction to other men's dreams. I appropriate the teaching from the e-mail I discovered that I am set free from such dreams.


Another topic on sanctification, and the power of the spoken word which I read through Prayer Academy e-mail was very useful to my life. I confessed all the scriptures of the relating to power of our tongues (has the power of life and death) and ask God to guide me to say the right things and zip my month from saying the wrong things. At times, I also ask God to control my emotion of angry and not to relate instead to go to him in prayer when circumstance does not turn my ways. As such, I seen my relationships with people have improved. Glory to God and His teaching.


Last but not least, I had been asking God about the healing of my past. I was thankful that Prayer Academy taught about it. Through the information I recognize that God can bring back memories to heal any verbal or physical attacks. The Holy Spirit will lead me and bring me back to areas where I needed His restoration and healing. I have taken time to seek God these areas of my life and discover that God has revealed to me the following that I needed help:


1) Rejection in my mother's womb


2) birth rejection


3) sibling rivalry


3) verbal abuse


4) sexual assault


I worked through these areas with God. Confess and repent of my sins. Forgive those who hurt me. Read the scriptures, worship God and seek God's anointed people to pray with me. It was a long journey and not a easy one but God is good. Many a time is allowing myself to let God walk through the journey of pain with me. He brought me back to those painful memories, comfort me with His word and also His presence in a form of peace and assurance of love. God has also let me experience He Himself in the past events rescuing me.


One who needs healing of the past, take courage in Christ and all things are possible through Him as he walk through the bad memories of my past. The reason being to clear the back log of past is indeed what Prayer Academy has mentioned to be fully enabling Christ to use me again otherwise one may be cripple by the past and unable to rise up again. I understand that God want me to live a full life glorifying His name.


Thank you for reading my testimonies and may God continue to use you mightily.


In His love

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