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My name is Jim Pina from Senegal.


I was born in a Catholic family and grew up going to church, and Catholic schools. I got to know God through teachings in the church and catechism. But I didn't know Jesus. Even I did my confirmation when I was in primary school and was following most of the rules of the Catholic Church.


I knew Christ ten years ago when I was invited by my brother and his friend (both were Christians) to a service of the Evangelical Church they were attending. Since that time through bible studies, personal prayer time and listening to others preach the word of God, I have built a deep relationship with Jesus my Savior and Lord of my life. My progress in faith was not easy because of the environment in which I was living (Most of my brothers and sisters were not Christians). By persevering in prayers and personal spiritual discipline through the help of the Holy Spirit my life started having a meaning for me. Because before I was struggling a lot with unemployment and other trials in life.

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