Some people really do not know how to pray or speak to God.  I decided to explain it as I started.

When you pray, you speak to God. Think of God as your Father (Daddy).

So, when you were little, and you wanted a doll or a car what did you do? You asked your daddy. So, if you were naughty and you know that you did something that you should not have done then you would say: "sorry daddy". Right?


So now start your talk (prayer) to Father God by always asking for Forgiveness of your sins.

Then thank Father God, for all He has done for you.  You can start with thanking Him for another beautiful day, for keeping you safe through the night and for your health.  You will start adding as you grow spiritually. 

Here is a way of praying for others by using your fingers to trigger you into thinking about different groups of people.

Thumb: Those furthest away – missionaries, persecuted Christians, friends and families overseas.

1st finger: Those people who lead and guide us, pointing the way (ministers, teachers etc.)

2nd finger: The strongest finger – those people with power and responsibility (governments etc.)

Ring finger: Those people we love – family, friends.

Little finger: Those who are ill, weak, infirm, old, poor, helpless…

Whole hand: Pray for yourself finally, offering your hands to God to serve Him as praying and serving hands for all the people you meet.

Before ending the prayer always remember to ask Father God to cover you and your family and belonging with the Blood of Jesus and always put on the Full Armor of God.

You can find more on the Armor of God in the Blogpost named: The Armor of God

Always close your prayer with: I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen