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Not only are demons considered our enemy - but so is any kind of sickness, disease, or illness.


Because of the curse of Adam and Eve that is still in full operation on this earth, disease, sickness, and illnesses are all part of the big picture that we all have to put up with. However, for all born-again Christians, who have the Holy Spirit living on the inside of them, healing of any of these kinds of diseases and illnesses is always possible to obtain from God the Father.


I will be doing another article giving you all the Scripture verses pertaining to divine healing. I will show you that not only can God heal, but that He wants to heal many of the time if He is properly approached in your prayers to Him.

One of the strategies that you can use to try an obtain a divine healing from the Lord is to go on the offensive by Pleading the Blood of Jesus directly against whatever your specific ailment or sickness may be. This is exactly what happened in this case.

This story happened to one of my Prayer Warriors in our Prayer Academy. Watch what happens when he lays hands on this man and Pleads the Blood of Jesus directly against each one of this mans specific ailments. This was a dramatic healing!


The Testimony

A 58-year-old man was brought by his brother to this Prayer Warrior's house one night while they were doing Bible Study. They were told that he had cancer in his prostrate, cancer in his bones, hepatitis C, and was given only 6-8 months to live by his doctors. Apparently, the cancer was too far advanced for any further medical treatment to stop it.


Everyone in the group proceeded to circle around the man to start praying for God to heal him. The Prayer Warrior said he was the first one to lay hands on his head to start to pray for him.

He told me that one of the first things he did when he started to pray for this mans healing was to specifically Plead the Blood of Jesus directly against both forms of the cancer that he had, along with pleading it directly against the hepatitis C.

After Pleading the Blood of Jesus specifically against each one of these conditions, he then went into quoting different healing Scripture verses and then prayed with his gift of tongues.


After the meeting was over, this man came up to the Prayer Warrior afterwards and told him that when he initially laid hands on his head - that he felt fire enter his body from the top of his head and that this fire then went all the way down to the bottoms of his feet. He then told the Prayer Warrior that he really felt that God was going to heal him.

Two weeks later, this man came back to their Bible study group and told them he just got his doctors report back and that he had received a full and complete healing of his bone cancer, prostate cancer, and hepatitis C!

Apparently the fire manifestation this man had received was God moving in with His healing power to fully heal this man.  It is called the Fire of the Holy Spirit.

What really jumped at me was that this man had told the Prayer Warrior that he felt this fire manifestation hit his body the minute he initially laid hands on him and started praying for him - and the very first thing Prayer warrior did was to Plead the Blood of Jesus directly against each one of his specific ailments!

If any of you are battling any kind of illness or disease, try Pleading the Blood of Jesus directly against the illness like the Prayer Warrior did in this testimony. This may just turn the tide for you as it did in this case.

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