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I am so happy I am apart of the prayer academy.  Last night I started praying from 12 midnight, I was using the prayer points for the day 1, after 15 minutes, I started vomiting and I vomited almost 15 minutes, I had to see that God is doing something.  Before this I could see people feeding me in the dream. When I slept after the prayer last night I saw a man and a woman, those that appear in my dreams who torment me, giving me a big plastic bag of fish, in the same  dream I could see that I had vomited everywhere, my left side of the stomach was paining, now am ok.  I want you to help me interpret this.


At the mean time, I have been struggling with a moving object at my back, please help me with prayer that can adress this.  I have been facing gynocologically problems since 9 yrs but I know since am here i will see my deliverance.  My family and I face so many attacks, my biologically father is an occultist, when I got born again later my mum, the divorce took place since then too many attacks in the dream, ah I thank God that God will help me fight my battles in a new way.


I thank God I hope I will get out of these problems.  I thank God for you.

Dear Mirriam,


Sometimes evil spirits (demons) leave quietly, sometimes through vomiting or coughing.


Satan is trying to get back into your live by feeding you a bag of fish.  They usually pose as humans in dreams.  They can even pose as a relative feeding you something.  The moving object in your back is an evil spirit and could have been send by your father.


I want you to do the prayers of day 1 again as the people feeding you in your dream are trying to put evil spirits into you in your dream.  This is how satan operates he comes to people in their dreams as he is a spirit and this way he can connect with your spirit.  Also, please repeat after me.


You evil spirits posing as a man and a woman feeding me a bag of fish, I rebuke you, I burn you to ashes by the Fire of the Holy Spirit.  I am a child of God and you have no right to touch me.  Leave my body now in the name of Jesus Christ.


You evil spirit located in the back of my body.  Leave NOW in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!



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