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I had to discover my father believes in witchcraft doctors and his church is for occult, he is satanic also.  We have struggle so much in our lives, when I got born again at 17, he hated it for me to sing and worship God, then I shared the word to mum and she got saved and then he took me and my mum with 9 children to a small house and said he doesn’t want us.  Since then we could dream of snakes and men sleeping with us, one time an evil snake bites my brother and he has been struggling since but because we had to be praying he is here.



Please let your Mom and all brothers and sisters that stays with you do the Prayers with you especially day 1 for the younger siblings.  Also, I want you to take some Olive Oil (New bottle if you can) and pray the following while holding the bottle.


Lord Jesus Christ anoint this oil with your blood.  Holy Spirit put the Fire of the Holy Spirit in this oil.  This oil is now covered with he Blood of Jesus Christ and with the Fire of the Holy Spirit.  From this day where ever I use this oil evil will run.  Amen


Then I want you to anoint the house in the following manner.


Take some of the oil and put it in your hands and rub your hands together.  Then anoint every door opening and every window opening by saying I anoint and seal this door/window with the Anointing oil of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.


If you can print small papers that read:  Everything and anyone entering this doorway or window will be covered and purified by the Blood of Jesus Christ.


This can be small enough for just you and your mom to read and can be placed on top of the doorway on the inside of the house.


If you have showers or toilets inside the house I want, you to anoint the drain section by pouring some oil across and back just from the one side to the other side and back.  Not much just enough.


I want you to after the prayer of day 1 (ask the little ones to repeat after you - this is very important) anoint each one in the house that is saved.  By just doing the same as the doorways but on their foreheads.


Ask your mom to look around the house for funny stuff that was placed by your father.  Even if she does not think it is strange I need to know.  It will be good if you can take a snap shot of it on your phone and if you cannot email it send it to me via Facebook.  Youll find me as Helene Oosthuizen.  I have added my photograph.


I want you to ask the children everyday what they dreamt about and send this to me.  this is very important.


I want the brother that has been bitten by a snake say the following out load:  You evil snake that bit me in a dream, I rebuke you, you have no authority over me, I cast you out to the pit of hell, I am covered by the Blood of Jesus Christ in the name of Jesus Christ.


From now on I want you and your mom to include the following words in your normal daily prayers.


I cover (mentioned each person by the name) with the Blood of Jesus Christ and I protect (mention each person by the name) with the full armor of God as per Ephesians 6.


Just have faith dear we will have you sorted out in no time so that you can have the abundant life God has planned for you.


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