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Good Morning, I did what you told me, the only part that we didn't do is the other siblings, they are always against the prayers they always discourage us but me and mum don't listen to whatever they say but for the house we anointed it and mum did the day 1 prayers, she is pleased.


I don’t have a phone that has a camera now, but mum said a red basin, the radio we have and the sofa set we have. 


when I was praying I had a vision, say a personality of a woman and I started saying no weapon formed against me shall prosper and she turn into some scary face and disappeared, the saw a personality sitting on my chair, the I prayed and I was told to prayer for the a hour of 3 o'clock today, please assist me.


We slept like babies last nite,ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I thank God.

Good Morning Mirriam,


I am so glad that you had a good night’s rest.  Praise God.  All the Glory to God Almighty.


Satan is still trying to get back in. Please note that by know your father being in witchcraft and the entire dark kingdom knows that you are free and will try to get back.  Do not give them a chance.


The dark kingdom was planning something for today at 3 o clock.


Please say after.  You evil personality siting on my chair.  I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ.  That is my chair not yours.  Everything you send to me and my mother and siblings I send it back to the sender as it is not for us, we are children of Jesus Christ and are washed with the Blood of Jesus in Jesus name.


I want you to anoint that chair and at the bottom of it place a note saying.  Anything and anyone sitting on this chair will be purified with the Blood of Jesus Christ.


Im pretty sure youll be hearing from your father soon.  Tell him that you dont want anything to do with him and that whatever he sends to you through witchcraft will be return to him 7-fold because Jesus Christ is your God and Protector.  Please make sure you give this message to your mom and siblings that is old enough to understand.


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