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Good morning woman of God! Words can't begin to describe how thankful I am of this prayer program. May our living God continue to bless you and the ministry abundantly.


I pray the prayer points with my sister and also send them to my mother who is in the North West. I love how God is revealing Himself to me, since I started the prayer academy.


See, at the beginning of this year, I met with some men who claimed to be prophets and told me that my ancestors would only bless me is I acknowledge them. I was frustrated, I couldn't find a job for over a year at the time, and my fiancé lost interest in me. So, these evil men, had did some rituals, at some point I was even talking to the dead (they claimed they were my ancestors).


To cut the long story short, immediately after this happened, my not so great life was shattered even worse than before. I lost my car; my fiancé cancelled the wedding altogether. My finances I'm even ashamed to mention, down to zero, the sad part is, this also affected my entire family. My sister's finances and also my mother's, suffered. Until this point.


I'm just thankful, that ever since I started praying this prayer, my faith is growing strong in the Lord. On Wednesday our Pastor (new church that I just joined this December) prayed for me. My request was simply for 'deliverance and restoration', surprisingly when he prayed for me he mentioned ' Father, I lose the spirit of witchcraft from your daughter's life'. This is relief. I'm grateful and expectant that my breakthrough is finally here.


Kindly advise if you feel there is anything else I need to do.


Many thanks and blessings anointed woman of God.



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