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Dear Apostle Helene,


Since I joined the Prayer Academy, I was so blessed specially with my financial blessings. I'm always worried when it comes to money. But I was amazed what the Lord has done to me.  One time I need an urgent help to send money to my family in Philippines. Before that, one of my colleague went for vacation and he borrowed money from me and he told me when he come back he need more financial help instead of paying me back and I agreed to do so, that means I don’t have extra money. During that time me and my husband are in praying and fasting for 21 days for Spiritual Success" and it was very effective because when my colleague just came back from vacation instead of asking money, I was surprised that he gave all the money that he borrowed from me. I really praise God, He answers my prayer and thanks to the prayer academy, thank u for teaching us how to pray.  Glory to the Lord Almighty. God bless... Crispina

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