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I would like to request for a prayer. Last April 13 to 14, I attended Encounter God retreat. It was really victorious. The Holy Spirit poured out to our lives once more.

The Praise and Worship is so wonderful, but after one day I could hardly speak, I got no voice, maybe because I over used it during the praise and worship. Until now my voice is husky. I can't consult a doctor because he might advise me to have a complete voice rest. I can't obey that...I am still doing my 21 days prayer, (at 12 midnight or 4-5am alternately) and I need my voice, and in my work,  I need to speak. My faith is; Jesus is my healer, and He will heal me instantly and by His stripes I am healed, and that I can praise and worship Him with my voice.

Please do pray that God would bring my voice back, and He will bless my voice more than ever before and I can continually praise and worship Him with my voice.

Thanks and God bless you more and more.




You are being attacked so that you cannot use your voice.  Anoint the throat.  Also take a teaspoon of the anointing oil and drink it and send that husky voice to the sender.  I usually just say this voice is not mine I return it to the sender and claim back the voice Jesus Christ gave me to do his work in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.


When I was doing my theology studies satan stole my voice for 13 weeks absolutely NO VOICE at all just a whisper and I did this before going to bed and the next morning woke up and my voice was restored completely.


I will also pray for you.



Dear Apostle Helen,

Praised be the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

You know what? I am miraculously healed, my voice got back already since yesterday afternoon. It's really amazing.

I've been no voice since April 16, it was so hard and depressing, but now I was healed just right after I requested you to pray for me. May the Lord Jesus Christ seal the healing I received from Him with the most precious blood of Jesus.

Thank you so much for your prayer. God bless you more and more.



In Christ alone I put my trust,



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