God created each and every one of us. We may think we are imperfect, but God doesn't care. He still loves us!
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Join our next Prayer Academy.

We only take 1000 students in this Prayer Academy.

After we received your e-mail you will then receive further instructions on the preparation for the Prayer Academy. 

This is a One-on-One Prayer Coaching Academy and we want to give you our individual attention.

In this Prayer Academy we will teach you how to:

  • Self Deliverance
  • How to break satan's attack on you and on your finances
  • How to break witchcraft attacks on you and your family
  • How to heal yourself and others through prayers
  • How to get your marriage back to when you first fell in love
  • How to get your youth back
  • Help on getting that personal relationship with God
  • Prayers to find your godly spouse.  Get the man that God want you to marry.
  • Now Including 40 Prayers Points to get what you want from Father God.

There are miracles and breakthroughs attached to every single prayer point in the Prayer Academy, as you will see, if you persist till the end.

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